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Ab King Pro in Pakistan


AB King Pro is a all-purpose and handy device that can be used to workout body muscles in a professional way. With Ab King Pro in Pakistan, you can workout your abdominal muscles in a more intense way. The Ab King Pro price in Pakistan device can be adjusted to three different levels. The Amazing Ab King Pro design brings you below parallel by as much as 200-degree adding an additional range of motion to your upper, middle, lower abs and all opelix at the same time for an incredibly effective workout. With Amazing AB King Pro you’ll help flatten that stomach and help eliminate the handles of love in weeks. The professional Ab King has a fully adjustable permanent frame, a thick artifact for superior support and rolling wheel work which allows for a neat consistent movement.The professional king’s father will regularly offer neck and back support, keeping you in good condition.


Reduce fat from waist to bottom.
Excessive amounts of fat begin to fade.
Your body will be in the form of a sound.
It improves blood circulation in the body.
It can be used for various exercises.
One can assemble the device on its own.
Weight: 10 kg.

Ab King Pro Price in Pakistan 7699/- Only

Ab King Pro in Pakistan

Price:  7699/- PKR