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Body innovation messager

Body innovation cellulite handheld massager
1.Speed can control freely
3. replaceable transparent heads

Professional lipomodelling system
Fights cellulite and flaccidity efficiently athome
Inspired by professional massagetechniques,this latest-generation massager provides an effective therapeuticmassage at home and is especially suitable for those suffering fromcellulite,fluid retention and flaccidily.
Its effectiveness lies in its powerful motorthat produces simultaneous rotaing and vibrating movements. This complexmovement provides a subcutaneous massage,increasing blood flow,encouraginglymphatic drainage and blood circulation,improving skin elasticity.
Sculptural applies friction and kneadingmovements,copying the hand movements of an expert therapeuticmassage.
Sculptural is ergonomically designed forconvenient home use,allowing the user to give herself a massageanytime,anywhere.
For effectuve results,we recommend usingsculptural for 15 minutes veryday.This massager can be used with specifictreatment creams(firming or anticellulite).

1.Main body of theappliance
3.Variable massageintensity control
4.Infrared radiationemitter
5.Finger massagehead
6.Roller massagehead
7.Ball massagehead

Price:  2499/- PKR