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Diy Nail Magic


Place the device on the edge of a smooth surface table (e.g. glass top table) and make sure that the finger holder (part #1) is placed at the very edge of the table for comfort usage.
Turn the suction handle (part #2) clockwise while pressing the device down firmly onto the table. This is to prevent the device from sliding during use. Wet the suction cup (part #3), if necessary.
To ensure ease of usage, cultivate the habit of leaving the device head (part #4) in the centre of the device between the finger holder (part #1) and the plate holder (part #5).
Never slide the device head without the pattern plate (part #6) placed in the plate holder (part #5). This is because the paint screen unit (part #7) on the device head (part #4) will scrape onto the plastic surface of the plate holder (part #5) thus damaging the paint screen unit (part #7) which will later transfer colours. Remove unclear and smeared nail pattern designs.
Lock the paint screen unit into the device head by pushing its both end corners of the unit firmly down with the sound of 2 clicks.
Make sure that all the pattern plates and rubber stamper are thoroughly cleaned with Nail Polish Remover prior to usage. As this product is straight from the factory the plates and rubber stamper may need to be prepared for first use. DO NOT forget to remove the transparent film on all the pattern plates prior to usage.


Remove the plastic transparent covering on top of each pattern plate.
For designs involving only one colour or step – “0” will be indicated in the inner circle on each pattern plate.
For designs involving several colours or steps – “1”, “2”, “3” … will be indicated in the inner circle on each pattern plate. For multiple colours or steps designs, rotate your pattern plate accordingly to the numbers indicated in the clockwise direction.
Once you have chosen your desired nail pattern design, place that pattern plate on top the plate holder.
Select pattern plate for each step of your desired nail pattern design.
Do not bend or scratch your pattern plates.


Place your finger resting on the finger holder with your tip of your finger nail resting on top.
The C-line indicator (part #8) shows where the centre of the pattern will appear. As finger nails differ in length, adjust the finger holder accordingly to ensure that the centre aligns with your nail centre. Make sure that particular nail coincides with the C-line indicator. Release the finger holder by unlocking its knob (part #9) clockwise.
After deciding where you want the pattern to appear on your nail, with your fingernail resting on the top of the nail rest, push the finger holder accordingly with the guidance of the C-line indicator. Lock the finger holder by turning finger holder’s knob anticlockwise.


Apply your selected colour to cover the entire pattern. Read the following important tips:
a. To ensure best results, try to apply even and thin layer of paint. Do not apply too much paint as this will prevent smearing excess paint onto the pattern plate.
b. Do not waste time closing your paint bottle after your apply your colour as this paint dries up very fast (with 5 seconds). Once the paint dries up, the painting pad may not pick up or transfer the complete pattern.
Place your finger resting on the finger holder (adjusted and locked).
Slide the device head first toward the far end of the plate holder and press down the printing pad holder (part #10) gently down to pick up the pattern.
Next slide the device head to the other far end of the finger holder and press the printing pad holder gently down to transfer the pattern onto your nail. You must slide the device head quickly from one end to the other end or the nail paint will dry up.
For pattern with several steps and colours, pick up and rotate the plate counter clockwise to the next step and repeat the above process again. For such designs, be sure to keep your finger still so that the design will align accurately.
After all steps and colours are carried out, apply top coat thinly to seal the pattern to prevent it from chipping and fading.


Paint screen unit can be released by pressing the two buttons (part #11) found next to the 2 corners of the unit. The paint screen unit will “pop” out upon release. Thus, cover the unit with one palm to prevent it from flying out.
Use a cotton bud soak with polish remover to clean the “blade” of the paint screen unit.
Use a cotton soak with nail polish remover to remove paints and dirt from the printing pad. For cleaning the pattern plates, use a cotton pad soaked in Nail Polish remover to clean. To make all cleaning process easier and less time consuming, use lint free products to clean instead

Price:  1999/- PKR