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Induction Cooker (Electric)

For areas where there is no gas!

Induction cooker,

Fast cooking

Only food to be cooked will be heated not pot!

New improved technology

Induction Cooker is a unique and amazing product. It is a reliable, up to date, safest modern most and the fastest method of cooking. It saves energy. It works on electro magnetic system without any rod or element.

induction cooker  has worked hard to achieve the number one name in health and wellness. We believe that nothing is more important than looking after yourself and we strive to bring you products that take the effort out of maintaining your wellbeing.

induction cooker have a range of products that allow you to create a unique atmosphere and make sure that you maintain both your health and your wellbeing.

Simply plug it in and place it anywhere. It’s great for keeping food hot or, if you’re in the middle of ripping out your old kitchen, an ideal way to avoid months of takeaways!



Nutrition is essential to good health. The Induction Cooker  shortens cooking time by 1/3, and so better seals nutrients into the food. The induction cooker comes with a variety of cooking programmes for healthy eating.


Seals Nutrition into Food

The Induction Cooker shortens average cooking time by more than 1/3 compared to conventional gas cooker. Research shows that faster cooking seals nutrition in food. Cooking with an induction cooker is not only fast; it is more comfortable because there is no flame, and it lets you save on gas.


Cook a Variety of Dishes

Select from 5 different power levels to suit your cooking needs. The Induction Cooker features a unique heating programme that facilitates 5 healthy cooking menus. You can also customise your cooking time as the induction cooker allows you to set it to 1 up to 120 minutes of cooking time.


Operational Panel

The induction cooker has a full glass panel that is easy to clean. Its sensitive sensor touch operational panel and easy to read digital display make the Induction Cooker the ideal easy-cooking companion!


Very Safe to Operate

The A-grade glass panel is solid and durable, perfect for induction cooking. The surface outside the induction area remains cool when cooking and is safe to touch.

Price:  5499/- PKR