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Kids Boxing Set

Kids Boxing Set in Pakistan


Boxing is a big operation, and we have a large selection of children’s boxing sets here at Toys R Us, which will get your children active while the technology and skills development. We have an ideal group to practice boxing skills both at home and abroad, with punching bags and punching the ball groups in a variety of sizes.


Boxing group needs to be set and all the kids to work off energy boxing bag and have fun while doing it!
Spring-loaded punching bag helps build eye coordination and hand skills.
The use of boxing gloves included building a stronger upper body and reflexive responses to punch away.
There are a lot of fun and they’ll want to play every day!
Prprofessional groups such as boxing
Boxing gloves and punching the ball with attitude
Easy to set up
Black and red colors!
Sports game play boxing group
Good quality
Funny design

Kids Boxing Set Price in Pakistan 2499/- Only

Kids Boxing Set in Pakistan

Price:  2499/- PKR