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Kitchen Master in Pakistan

Kitchen Master in Pakistan


Kitchen Master juice and can be used for juice. You can get a new and pure juice anytine anywhere. Any tension or to use his strength. Play it with your hands and get the juice in each new time. You can compare the Kitchen Master in Pakistan with a heavy juicers and other expensive. After getting on the juice from the kitchen curtain compared to the remaining pulp with heavy machine pulp juice. It can also be used for meat grinder as a master kitchen meat. You can grind the required materials such as dry fruits, almonds, Coconut, chilies, dry biscuits etc. cursed by Master Kitchen also just replace the juicy part with the start crushing and enjoy a hand grinder. Do not worry about power outages or heavy energy consumption.


Juice from all types of hard and soft fruits and vegetables.
Ideal mincer to minced meat, chicken, beef, lamb and fish.
You can grind all the spices, nuts, almonds and other things for decoration.
Suction surface of the unique power base.
Handy and lightweight.

Kitchen Master Price in Pakistan 4499/- Only

Kitchen Master in Pakistan

Price:  4499/- PKR