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Lil Bully Stain Remover Pen

Lil Bully Stain Remover Pen in Pakistan


Lille bully stain eraser pen whip, day and night bully stain in an emergency is a portable tool used to remove stains in carpets, clothing, upholstery and more perfect to keep your purse or in your office in the state of the Earth in emergency and friendly more than 500 different uses witnessing non-toxic bully remover to night spots when you’re on the go? Then use the whip, and night emergency bully stain eraser pen to erase it from existence. This portable compact pen helps to bring out the stains on the clothing, furnishings and others.


Lille bully stain strong anti-stain in pockets or purses and help disintegrate spots before they put in a pen tightly party
Powerful pens help fight spots
Arbitrator pen tip tickles tougher to undergo spots
Slides in a purse, pocket, or car
Three Pack

Lil Bully Stain Remover Pen Price in Pakistan 999/- Only

Lil Bully Stain Remover Pen in Pakistan

Price:  999/- PKR