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Mini Tabletop Football

Mini Tabletop Football


Enjoy the fast paced football battle without buying a full sized table that consumes a lot of space with this classic table football / football table. The game offers all the thrills of traditional football  including pulling shots, rollers, and kicks but small enough to bring to the parties or bugs. Designed to be like a real table, the game boasts such wood construction features to withstand wear and tear, four steel bars, six detailed football players in the side, classic slide scorer, soccer football designed for football. When you finish playing, the game stores easily in the closet or under the bed. With this fast paced, small table football you can have fun football wherever you go!


Guard points
The ball returns easily
Football, second in the group
The original Mini Table Top foosball consists of four rows of three players per team

Mini Tabletop Football Price in Pakistan 1999/- Only

Mini Tabletop Football in Pakistan

Price:  1999/- PKR