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Ultra Wizzit

Remove Hair easy With the revolutionary new Ultra Wizzit.

Get rid of unwanted hair now! On your face or on your body. From your hear to your toes. Ultra Wizzit is unlike other hair remove products and gets rid of hair fast! Even hard-to-reach places and that sensitive underarm area are no problem for Ultra Wizzit. It attracts hair like a magnet from any angle so you won’t miss a single hair. working 50 TIMES faster than tweezers to pull every single hair from the root.

The Wizzit has no blades so you’ll never have nicks or razor burn. It’s ready whenever you are and wherever you need it.

It’s so quick and easy, men like it too. It works on upper lip, eyebrows, chin, legs and more. At the touch of a button, you’ll be neat and trim!


Price:  1999/- PKR