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Tooth Whitening System



Simply brush the gel onto the teeth with the pen, turn on the light for 10 minute light activated treatment. Battery life 6 hours. Replaceable batteries. Simple on off button.
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Its very simple. The laser teeth whiteningWhiteLight treatment” consists by applying to the teeth, (via the mouth trays) a gentle dental whitening gel that, activated by a special, patented light whose wave-length is matched to the gel, produces the whitening effect.
The WhiteLight teeth whitening will increase the oxidation processs of Carbamide Peroxide thus releasing more oxygen which accelerates bleaching process. The oxygen acts as a bleaching agent that whitens your teeth safely and effectively.
Home teeth whitening does this through an easy to use method you can do yourself in the privacy of your own home! The WhiteLight emits no harmful radiation. There is no damage to the teeth and it is only those molecules and debris that discolour the teeth that are effected.
Previously, Carbamide Peroxide was only used by the dentist for chair side in-clinic treatments. Now is your chance to use it without the huge price tag the dentist’s charge. Teeth whitening light contains a desensitizing agent and acts on the nerve endings, by desensitizing them at the pulp-dentin border, in turn minimizing sensitivity and maximizing patient comfort.

Price:  1999/- PKR